Businesses, workplaces, and individuals go flat when the people behind them run out of energy and creative juice. Every leader, every individual, needs to take time out for continuous learning, reflection, and self-renewal. Businesses and workplaces also need to be renewed. You have to consciously inject newness into yourself, your strategies, your team, products, and services.

One creative tool is to ask effective questions. Questions serve to deepen self-knowledge and awareness and lead to increased creativity and innovation.

Ask yourself:

  • What skills/attitudes/behaviors will enable me to introduce newness into my life and work?
  • Look at the workplaces/businesses you admire and ask yourself: what works?
  • Look at the people you admire and ask: what is it they do well that works?
  • Look at your own life and the small changes you successfully introduced over the last year, and ask yourself: what worked?

Great businesses and happy lives are built upon the positive energy of what works (see article on marthastewart website inspired by one of my seminars). Failures teach us what doesn't work and are important learning curves. Learn from your failures and move on. Positivity attracts.

Your personal brand
Having a strong personal brand also makes a big difference. Your brand is built upon your image and behavior. You are what you reflect and that transparency comes across in the work you do or the services you provide. Your ability to deliver is a reflection of who you are and what your professional life/business stands for. You bring out the best in your team members and clients when you yourself are congruent.

Leadership is not about holding a position of authority or directing people and events from above. Many modern leaders, especially women, are modeling leadership from below or from behind. They act as guides and references for their team, coaching, sharing decisions, holding the vision, and calibrating their values and organizational culture. True leadership is about shining a light as a model in every sphere you touch, whether at home or at work. It's about seeing each situation as an opportunity to inspire and influence others positively.

Here are some simple practices that work for me:

  • Getting up early in morning
  • Loving what I do
  • Knowing my mission
  • Being connected to a network of people who are making a difference locally and globally
  • Having a strong personal brand
  • Dovetailing assignments
  • Being around people who tell me the truth
  • Silence
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