Books by Nikki de Carteret
Soul Power

  • How do you create innner stability in times of chaos?
  • How do you cultivate the power of 'soul presence'?
  • Where does humility meet mastery?
These are just some of threads of spiritual inquiry that Nikki de Carteret weaves into a tapestry of Soul Power. Juxtaposing fascinating teachings from the ancient mystics with stories of modern seekers, as well as her own extraordinary journey towards wholeness, Nikki invites you to explore the factors that drain your spiritual energy, and what transformational forces restore it.

Written in a poetic and meditative style this book is a discovery of spirit and of spiritual growth. Examining themes such as love, enlightenment, silence, compassion, synchronicity, dark night of the soul, harmony, bliss, it serves as a friendly road map to the spiritual process.
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